All of Which are American Dreams would be within a genre that has not yet been attempted.
It is nearly impossible to develop a unique story that is worth telling, and that has not already been produced, but we vehemently hold that this project is unique. The storyline, plots, and twists are a rare craft. It is original, fresh, and true-to-life, as it depicts and communicates the Illuminati’s chokehold on the American public through the universal language of music.
All of Which are American Dreams is a fully immersive audio/visual experience in the form of a grunge-metal Fantasia.
The screenplay is powered by the iconic artists pictured below, with the title inspired by Rage Against the Machine’s
‘Know Your Enemy.’ The script has been created with impeccable creativity, gut-wrenching suspense, and pristine structure.
The soundtrack is comprised of 26 meticulously selected songs to perfectly evoke the emotion and tonality within each phase of the story. Each track has been dissected measure-by-measure, and the plot has been intertwined explicitly into the fabric of the music, as all elements (dialogues, monologues, sound effects, music, and lyrics) are incorporated within this film’s unique theme. The songs guide the protagonist, Layne, from a relatable American upbringing, through the sinister side of corporate corruption.
Click here to read and listen to the screenplay.