About Professor Thunder

Professor Thunder is a modern innovator who aspires to transcend the limitations of genre. Born in New York City and raised within NYC suburbia, Thunder’s journey as a screenwriter began shortly after he fell in love with the grunge era and its profound impact on Americana.

Through his studies in Marketing at Rutgers and professional experience as a marketing manager for both large and small corporations, Professor Thunder developed a deep understanding of the role of marketing & advertising in western culture, as well as an intense resentment for corporate amorality and rampant greed. Armed with the knowledge provided by his icons of the grunge era, Thunder recognized that his life was heading in a direction he would deeply regret, and felt it necessary to adjust. Thus, the vision for ‘All of Which are American Dreams’ was born & bred.

Professor Thunder strives to fuse the power of music & film in unprecedented fashion. His vision lies within a desire to educate the vulnerable, and to communicate the intricate systems of the Illuminati through the artists that inspired his own code of ethics and belief systems. Though Thunder did deviate from his marketing career to pursue an artistic channel, he refused to neglect his roots. Integrated within his vision of a grunge metal Fantasia is the opportunity for the first film in history to be marketed akin to a music festival.

When he’s not envisioning bringing the ethos of Rage Against the Machine and other artists to the silver screen, Professor Thunder may be found at a grunge rock or metal concert, at MetLife Stadium supporting his beloved New York Jets, on a hike in the forest, or at home painting and spending time with his two cherished cats.